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Top Work Grafting Workshop with C.J. Walke from MOFGA

Mar 31, Time: 1 - 4 PM

Location: Cobscook Community Learning Center, 10 Commisary Point Road, Trescott

Join Healthy Acadia and Cobscook Community Learning Center for the 8th Annual Downeast Scion Exchange and Fruit Tree Workshop!

Grafting and pruning require only a few tools, and the techniques are simple and fun to learn. Please join us! And, if you are already an experienced grafter or orchardist, please come and share your knowledge with the group.

Grafting is the uniting of two different tree or shrub varieties or stocks together in order to create a more desirable fruit. All named apples, such as Gala (a fairly new variety) and Wolf River (a variety from Wisconsin developed around 1875), were developed through grafting. In Maine, grafting is done later in the spring – April to May - when the tree's sap run is more established.

At the Scionwood Exchange, we will be doing bench grafting which is done on rootstock indoors and then planted out later in the spring. Rootstock will be provided. We may spend some time outdoors.

Please bring scion wood from your favorite trees to share with others and dress appropriately to be outside. 

C.J. Walke began working for MOFGA in 2006 as Landscape Coordinator for the Common Ground Education Center in Unity, and has held various roles within the organization since then. In his part-time role as Orchard Educator, C.J. works with farmers and gardeners to build orchard health and promote biological diversity among fruit trees.

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