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photo: Danny Anthony


APPLE, the Association to Promote and Protect the Lubec Environment,
was formed in 2005 to strengthen and foster environmentally sound tourism and economic development in the Lubec area. The "environment" in our name refers to Lubec's historical, cultural, ecological, and economic qualities and influences—all the ingredients that make Lubec so special. APPLE is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Maine, with 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS.

We love this place we call home and love sharing it with visitors. Helping people learn about this beautiful and unusual region through tours of Lubec and the Cobscook area was the first strategy toward fulfilling our mission. Beginning in the summer of 2005, local residents developed and guided tours on our history and the unique aspects of Lubec's natural environment.  The tours are no longer available for rent through APPLE; possibly at some future date they will again be made available.

APPLE's Beginnings.  In 2008 Judith M. Ashley and Howard B. Reed entrusted APPLE with their comprehensively designed website We enlarged the information base to all tourism-related businesses and activities in Lubec, charging a minimal fee for listings, and expanding it to include tourism related businesses in the nearby towns of Cutler, Trescott and Whiting, and the Canadian island of Campobello.

APPLE spearheaded and continues to support a Lubec-wide Coastal Cleanup, participating in the Maine State  Maine Coast Week and the international Ocean Conservancy's data collection. For three years, building upon the Coastal Cleanup, we issued a Trash from the Sea Art Challenge, together with the Lubec Memorial Library and then with Lubec Landmarks, to inspire creativity that would make it obvious that the sea is downstream for all our trash. After eight years of continuing to document every single bit of debris picked up on the beaches during Coastal Cleanup and realizing that the main category found was single-use plastics we initiated a Plastic-Free Lubec at our 2015 Annual Meeting in an attempt to keep single-use plastic from entering the ocean. Businesses, organizations and individuals in Lubec are joining the effort to keep Lubec, its beaches and our ocean free of plastic pollution. To encourage fishermen and recreational boaters to keep trash out of the ocean we placed trash sheds for recycling, redemption and trash at beaches and mooring locations.  We expanded the arts and culture information available about our towns on written materials and our website (which can be found on under Things to Do and See/ Art & Culture), and for four years staffed the Info Stop, in the Lubec Historical Society building, to help visitors plan their stay in the area. In 2012 APPLE took over from the Lubec Historical Society the development of visitor information sheets and local maps (see links to maps on We also converted our tours to self-guided recordings and made them available for a nominal fee to rent, so that they were easily accessible and available to more visitors.  

As a native Lubecker, now living in Indiana, I really appreciate and believe in what your organization is doing. I am cheering for you to succeed with your vision and all your goals!
S.W. Olson

APPLE Board of Directors
John D. Rule, President
Gale White, Vice President
Denise D. Rule, Treasurer/Secretary
Catherine Mettey, Webmaster

We are grateful to the following organizations, whose support has enabled us to promote our mission through the activities described above:

  • Cooke Aquaculture
  • Downeast and Acadia Regional Tourism for subgrants from the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program
  • Downeast Business Alliance
  • Lubec Area Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Project
  • Lubec Hardware Store
  • Maine Arts Commission
  • Maine Coast Heritage Trust's Partridge Fund
  • Maine Community Foundation's Washington County Fund, a donor-advised fund, and the Pinetree Fund for Washington County
  • Maine Development Foundation's Making Headway in Lubec project
  • Maine Humanities Council
  • Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • New Century Community Program
  • Washington Hancock Community Agency
  • William Bingham Foundation

Our Special thanks to:

*  Our incorporators: Ruta Jordans, Sheila Huckins, and Melissa Lee for their vision;

*  Our previous board members for their contributions: Debra Ayala, Susan Boutin, Katherine Cassidy, Dennis Drews, Jeanne Drews, Suzette Francis, TJ Goetting, Jody Grimes, Pam Headrick, Sheila Huckins, Sue Keef, Melissa Lee, Eleody Libby, Wanda Matthews, Jennifer Multhopp, Maureen Ramsey, Rachel Rubeor, Suzanne Saunders, John Shoemaker, Gayle Studinski, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Stephani Teslow, Richard Eaton, Audrey Gross, Jon Stence, Trina Stephenson, and Heather Henry Tenan.

*  Chessie Johnson for our inaugural ToursofLubecandCobscook website and her beautiful photographs; and to Judith M. Ashley and Howard B. Reed for sharing their creation,; 

*  Debra Ayala Kasunic of Northern Tides, and the Lubec Historical Society for allowing us to share their space;

*  The many photographers who participated in our photo contests for sharing their expertise to beautify;

*  All the tour guides who developed and expanded our tours:  Ruth Ahrens, Susie Arefnia Bassett, Nancy Begley, Meghan Daye, Dennis and Jeanne Drews, Cindy Eaton, Delia Mae Farris, Meredith Huntley, Ellen Johnson, Ruta Jordans, Frank Marenghi, Susan Reilly, Anne Seavey, Shelly Tinker and Dominic Winski; and to everyone involved in recording the tours:  Ruth Ahrens, Nancy Begley, Dennis and Jeanne Drews, Delia Mae Farris, Meredith Huntley, Ruta Jordans, Natasha Robinson, and Shelly Tinker; John Seeley for the introductions; Jon Stence for the maps; Peder Moe for recording and Fred Pierce for recording and editing;

*  Our former Downeast telephone man, Reggie Munson;

*  Our dedicated webmaster, Catherine Mettey, and our previous events editor for her contributions: Rose Kaszuba;

*  Our interim president, Meredith Huntley for keeping APPLE going for the period between the time Ruta Jordans moved away and the current administration.

*  Deborah Bailey of Barnstormer Design Group, website designer extraordinaire, for her invaluable support with   and past support with